Trails 2 Rails

Episode 1

Trails 2 Rails is a program put on by Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre that takes a number of college students who have little to no snowboarding experience and teaches them how to ride rails in 8 weeks time to compete for major prizes. This particular one was a six part web series that highlighted the process of qualifying, training, and competing.

The intro was done by a co-worker, Xavier Corral (Pink Skull), and I. I drew up the concept, did a lot of the filming, and helped with some of the effects alongside Xavier’s graphic direction. Definitely one of the funnest things we’ve worked on to date and some of the storyboards are below along with the other episodes.


Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

This episode in particular was a tag team effort and I finalized some of the edit.

Episode 6